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Finding the perfect home rarely happens, as compromises are inherent in the home purchase process. But with help, I’ll work to get you as close as I can to your ideal home. Please take a minute and help me by answering the following questions. Your feedback will provide information I can use to simplify your property search and save you time. If there are any details that aren’t addressed in the questions, feel free to add them.

    Buying Information
    1. What are your top three "must-have" features in a new home? (e.g. number of bedrooms, outdoor space, updated kitchen, etc.) 2. What is your preferred location or neighborhood for your new home? Are there any specific amenities or community features that are important to you? 3. What is your ideal timeline for purchasing a new home? Are there any specific deadlines or time constraints we should be aware of? 4. Have you been pre-approved for a mortgage? If so, what is your budget range for your new home? 5. What are your long-term plans for this home? Are you looking for a property to grow into, or are you considering it as an investment for potential resale in the future? These questions can help you understand your buyers' needs and preferences, allowing you to tailor your search and recommendations to their specific criteria. If you need further assistance with creating a questionnaire or any other real estate-related tasks, feel free to ask!

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