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This popular area is first on this list as this is where I grew up and now reside. Because of its easy location off Highway 17 the westside typically is the first pick when considering the Santa Cruz area. The attraction of Westcliff Drive, surfing, biking and hiking trails also factor in. There are many neighborhoods to choose from, near the beach, near downtown and further up the hillside. I do love morning walks and bike rides on Westcliff drive, but I prefer being closer to the upper westside hillside for warmth, right above King Street we do enjoy more days without fog or cooler ocean breezes. When we went to buy a home, we bought in Live Oak because at that time large homes on large lots were very affordable. Having lived on the westside, eastside and Live Oak, the westside is home. We love it here, but each area has its pluses and minuses. I would encourage you to consider how you like to travel around, what is the climate you prefer, what amenities do you want close by. In our area there is always a tradeoff and I always counsel people to think about what you really want and what maybe is not so important. I will be happy to share with you more attributes and drawbacks of each area as you discover Santa Cruz. *please note these are my personal observations and knowledge of these areas.

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