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This area has Seabright, Mid-town, the banana belt, Prospect heights. All areas have different distinctions. Seabright holds a lot of the history for the era being one of the first areas to be connected with Santa Cruz proper and developed for tourism as far back as the 1920’s. My favorite the Banana Belt is more just of a description of warm climate that is found in the area below Delavega Park and above Soquel Drive the fog seems to avoid this area. Prospect heights is the area above the freeway and below Delavega Golf course including Delavega School. Shakespeare Santa Cruz is now found summers at Delavega. Mid-Town is a term being used now to describe the vibrant area between Santa Cruz and Live Oak on Soquel Avenue. It has a performing arts theater, the Rio and many popular shops and restaurants. *please note these are my personal observations and knowledge of these areas.

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