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ADTV Episode Two – Captivating Capitola!

Embark on a journey through the intriguing history of Capitola with me, starting at the Capitola Museum. Discover the fascinating tale behind the town's name and immerse yourself in its rich cultural heritage. From its beginnings as a bustling ...

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Location Location Location! Why it matters!

Location, location, location. Lately, I have seen sales that are more about location, maybe it's not in the best location, but it's close to a good location. I have seen more sales lately where even if that property needed work, like a $2 milli...

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Secret Realtors Cannot Tell You!

  I was having coffee with a client, and she told me she had a rough time with someone who did not tell the truth. And we got into this conversation about the different languages that are spoken in America. And she goes, well, it kind o...

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101 Esmeralda Drive, Santa Cruz

A true Santa Cruz home! This home is in a class by itself. Here, you can enjoy the aesthetic of Santa Cruz outside and the artful interior inside. Large picture windows draw the outside in, nature being the ultimate backdrop to your home life. ...

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Should you tent your house?

Have you ever wondered if you should tent your house for termites? They are a thing here in California. Why? Well, we took lead out of our paint and turns out that the termites didn't like the lead either. So we started painting all our houses ...

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Sparkling Sea Views

119 Swift St, Santa Cruz, CA Click here to Get Directions $2199000 2 Beds - 2 Baths - 7492 sqft Lot Photos | Maps & Local | Schools | Print There is a special feel to ocean properties, you feel the coastal air and see the spark...

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The Truth about buying a foreclosure!

  Are you still thinking about buying a foreclosure? Have I not talked you out of it yet? I did a whole video on buying a foreclosure here in California and Santa Cruz, and I was trying to talk people out of it then, but I'll give y...

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Seabright Home – By the Sea, By the Sea

212 2nd Ave, Santa Cruz, CA $1595000 2 Beds - 1 Baths - 2614 sqft Lot By the Sea, By the Sea ! Tucked in the avenues of Seabright just moments to Iconic Castle beach, this home offers charm, relaxation and an escape from the heat. Warm a...

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Selling a Home as-Is

Before: scroll to bottom for after Are you thinking of selling yourouse as is? What does that really mean? Is it really that easy? You just throw it on the market and that's all there is to it? I'm going to give you a couple pros and cons of...

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