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Secret Realtors Cannot Tell You!

  I was having coffee with a client, and she told me she had a rough time with someone who did not tell the truth. And we got into this conversation about the different languages that are spoken in America. And she goes, well, it kind o...

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The Truth about buying a foreclosure!

  Are you still thinking about buying a foreclosure? Have I not talked you out of it yet? I did a whole video on buying a foreclosure here in California and Santa Cruz, and I was trying to talk people out of it then, but I'll give y...

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Seabright Home – By the Sea, By the Sea

212 2nd Ave, Santa Cruz, CA $1595000 2 Beds - 1 Baths - 2614 sqft Lot By the Sea, By the Sea ! Tucked in the avenues of Seabright just moments to Iconic Castle beach, this home offers charm, relaxation and an escape from the heat. Warm a...

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Buying a house – Santa Cruz Edition

How to buy a house! ~ I wrote this in 2015 and in some ways it is very quaint. It makes me long for simpler times. Buying a home is a scary prospect and I typically find that buyers who are not scared are either not really going to buy a hou...

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