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Should you tent your house?

Have you ever wondered if you should tent your house for termites? They are a thing here in California. Why? Well, we took lead out of our paint and turns out that the termites didn't like the lead either. So we started painting all our houses ...

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The Truth about buying a foreclosure!

  Are you still thinking about buying a foreclosure? Have I not talked you out of it yet? I did a whole video on buying a foreclosure here in California and Santa Cruz, and I was trying to talk people out of it then, but I'll give y...

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Cost of Living in Santa Cruz

Cost of Living Santa Cruz: I Googled cost of living here in Santa Cruz, and there are these numbers, national average numbers, and they take all these numbers, and they distill them and pop 'em out and they do not take the area into consider...

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Real Estate Market Update August 2022

Market update for August 2022 Santa Cruz edition Do you think the real estate market is cratering? Interest rates going up and the buyers are going to be able to get a screaming deal and sellers missed out and it's terrible! Now as a buyer y...

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May Real Estate Market Update

Is the market changing. Is there a shift in the air or is it just the tremors we've been having lately here in Santa Cruz? They market is definitely changing, but maybe just changing in our mind because I haven't really seen anything. I've been...

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Where to Live between Buying and Selling

Do I sell before I buy or buy before I sell? This is such a chicken and egg question, I hear very often "I want to move to another home, another area or even out of state but I have to sell my house first." There is always a fear of being witho...

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Beach Living, the Good, the Bad and the Smelly!

Buying near the beach the good, the bad and the smelly! We all know living near the beach/ocean is amazing? The health benefits are endless the ocean air is said to accelerate your ability to absorb oxygen and balance serotonin levels. The l...

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Shift Happens!

What is the "market" what is this indeterminate thing. I have likened it to a blob that oozes over everything, a cloud, maybe a Tsunami that slowly receded belying the danger it is really going to do. For Realtors we often say "it's the market"...

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Regrets I’ve had a few

Is it a coincidence that real estate and regret and remorse all start the same, are they related? Regret is a big part of the business of real estate. For me as an agent it is every day. Did I say the right thing, did I do the right thing, s...

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